Free Christmas Desktop Wallpapers African Serval Set 1

Here are some FREE Big Cat Christmas Desktop Wallpapers for your personal enjoyment. The African serval photographs in these free wallpapers all live at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida. These free big cat desktop wallpapers are 1024x768 which may be smaller than your monitor.  Personally, I like that because it leaves a large thick border around the wallpaper where I can place my desktop icons.

Download Instructions:

There are two ways to download one of these free Christmas desktop wallpapers featuring African servals.

Download Option One

  1. Click on a thumbnail below
  2. Wait for the full sized wallpaper to fully load into your browser
  3. Right click on the full size wallaper
  4. Choose "SAVE" or "SAVE AS" to save/download the wallpaper to your computer.

Download Option Two:

  1. "Right Click" on the thumbnail
  2. Choose to "SAVE TARGET AS"
  3. Decide where you want to save the file to on your computer
  4. Click OK or Save to download the full sized wallpaper to your computer
  5. Remember where you save it to on your computer!!

These wallpapers are 1024x768. I like using them actual size even though my monitor is larger. That leaves a nice wide black border around the wallpaper which is handy for organizing my desktop icons on without them blocking the wallpaper picture.

Below are the thumbnails for this set of free wallpers. To see a larger version simply click on a thumbnail below.


The above free big cat Thanksiginvg desktop wallpapers are for your personal pleasure. If you enjoy them please visit to learn more about big cats. Here is the link to a matching screensaver for the above free animal wallpapers. Matching Screensaver


Copyright Notices: These free desktop wallpapers are NOT freeware.  They are NOT public domain, NOT Creative Commons, NOT Shareware not any other re-distributable type item.  Everything on this website created by a Big Cat Rescue Advocat and are her personal creations and she holds the copyrights.  Everything here was made specifically to promote Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida and their mission and their main website of  You MAY use items from this website for personal use, school projects, church projects, personal gift giving, etc...  You may NOT sell them.  You may NOT post them on any website.  You may NOT include them in any collection etc.  You MAY give a copy of them to your personal friends and family.