Printable Birthday Girl Craft Game - Birthday Leopard Bingo

Here is a big cat free Kids Birthday Girl Craft / game of Bingo with a leopard theme.  It is a free printable Birthday Girl goodie for you and your children to enjoy.  This fun Birthday Girl printable item is a board game with cards and tokens.  It plays like a regular game of Bingo except that it has a leopard theme and a Birthday Girl theme.  It makes a great game for rainy days for you and your kids.  It also makes a great part game, part favor, etc.  It also makes a fun little gift inside a child's Birthday Girl greeting card.

This big cat Birthday Girl Craft Game is dedicated all of the tigers, leopards, African serval cats, snow leopards, cougars, bobcats and the white tiger who call Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida home.

Download instructions & playing instructions are located below the screen shots.

Here are some small screen shots / thumbnails of the game boards, cards and tokens.  Do not print these as they are too small for printing.

How To Play Big Cat Birthday Girl BINGO Game:

  • Each player gets a BINGO game card
  • Divide the tokens evenly among all the players
  • Turn the deck of leopard cards face down in a stack where each player can reach them
  • Take turns turning one card from the stack over
  • Each player should put a token over the picture on their game card that matches the drawn card
  • The first player to cover all the leopards in a whole row, (across, down or diagonally) wins the game

What You Need For This Birthday Girl Craft / Game:

  • Computer w/ mouse and keyboard
  • Printer with color ink
  • Ability to open a PDF file
  • Four sheets of nice bright white card stock
  • One envelope, (greeting card size)
  • Two envelopes, (note card size)
  • Blunt tip scissors (for kids)
  • Adult to help with the cutting & printing

Ideas Of What You Can Do With This Birthday Girl Craft Game:

  1. Craft & Game to make and play with your kids on a rainy day
  2. Craft & Game to make and put inside a child's Halloween greeting card
  3. Craft & Game to play at a child's Halloween party
  4. Craft & Game to give as a child's party gift
  5. Craft & Game grandparents and print and send as a gift to their grandchildren
  6. Craft & Game teachers can print and give to students as a reward

Download Instructions: (Choose One of Two Download Options)

To play this  Birthday Girl Children's Board & Card game you will need to download and then print the game boards, cards and tokens.  You can choose to download ONE PDF file OR you can choose instead to download four separate JPG files.  The one PDF file has all four pages in it.  If you download the PDF file you will not need to download the JPG files.

  1. "Right Click" on the "Get The Print File" link below
  2. Choose to "SAVE TARGET AS"
  3. Decide where you want to save the file to on your computer
  4. Click OK or Save to download the full sized printable page to your computer.
  5. Remember where you save it to on your computer!!

Right Click Here For PDF File "BINGO-LEOPARDS-Birthday-Girl.pdf"

OR you can choose the four separate JPG files below.  Be sure to download / save them to your computer, before printing them, by using the  instructions above.  You will need to download/save all four of the files below if you chose not to download the PDF file.

  1. Right Click HERE for the JPG File: "Bingo-Board-Leopard-Birthday-Girl-1.jpg"
  2. Right Click HERE for the JPG File: "Bingo-Board-Leopard-Birthday-Girl-2.jpg"
  3. Right Click HERE to get the JPG File: "Bingo-Tokens-VAL.jpg"
  4. Right Click HERE to get the JPG File: "Bingo-Cards-Leopard-VAL.jpg"

After Your Download Is Complete:

  1. Find where you downloaded (saved) the file(s) to on your computer.
  2. Open & Print one copy of each of the four pages
  3. Print on nice white card stock (card stock is more durable and will last longer than paper, although you can use paper if you choose too)

Preparation Instructions:

  1. Cut the cards apart and store them in an envelope.
  2. Cut the tokens apart and store them in an envelope.
  3. Cut the eight game boards apart.
  4. NOTE --> Have an adult help with the use of scissors.

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