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This website is dedicated to my favorite place in the whole world, Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida. You will find fun games and projects made from big cat photographs taken at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida. You will find bookmark designers, valentine's to cutomize and print for your child's classroom valentine exchange, online jigsaw puzzles, computer storybooks you can personalize free for your child, and much more. You will find all kinds of holiday goodies for most of the major holidays. Bookmark this page and watch us grow during the upcoming months.

**NOTE** Only A Few Games Are linked from this page.


Check the HOLIDAY PAGES for links to the rest of the games.

Tic-Tac-Toe with Bella Tiger and Zabu, the white tiger.

Free Storybook Coloring Game Charlie's Big Sea Adventures

This colorbook program is easy to use for lil' ones. Click on a color... click where you want the color... viola... you've colored your very own storybook! A great way to learn mouse control. This is a cute story about a clownfish named Charlie... go on an adventure under the deep blue sea... or whatever color you want your sea to be. Charlie learns a lesson when he ventures out on his own. Once you color a page, print it out. OR... print out the black and white page to color with your crayons. Find out what lesson Charlie learns... as you color every page. 20 coloring pages. 26 colored crayons to pick from. Click on the arrow to go to the next page. Click on Charlie... at the bottom of the page to see him swim across your page. CLICK HERE

Free Game To Download Make Silly Faces

Add YOUR Photo, Decorate it, Print it

tSillyMe.gif - 17633 Bytes

Here is a free game to download of a funny silly little game you and your friends can have fun with. Simply click on the button that says "Add your photo". That opens a window for you to find a photo on your computer of you, your mom or day or a friend or maybe even a photo of your pet. Then you drag and drop silly eyes, silly noses, a mustash or other silly things onto the photo to make a SILLY FACE. Print the silly photo. Collect them, trade them with your friends. Just have fun with them. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Download & Print A Game / Craft: "Gone Fishing With Dads, Cats & Kids"

To play this game you will place all the cards(fish) face down on pond board. Take turns rolling the die and following the instructions. Keep doing this until the pond is empty. Younger kids can count how many cards they end up with and the player with the most cards wins. Older kids can add up the points on the faces of their cards. the player with the most points wins. You can also use the cards as number flash cards or as a memory matching game.

To see more info and to download the print sheets. CLICK HERE

**NEWEST Downloadable Christmas Crafts**

Design, decorate, print and make your very own custom personalized Christmas ornaments. These make great snowy day activities for your children. these also make wonderful little craft gifts to include free with a personalized Santa letter for your children. These holiday programs are free Christmas downloads for your family to enjoy.

Make Custom Personalized Christmas Ornaments -

Make Custom Personalized Christmas Ornaments -
Tiger Shere Khan

Make Custom Personalized Christmas Ornaments -
African Lion

Make Custom Personalized Christmas Ornaments -
Bengal Cat

Make Custom Personalized Christmas Ornaments -
Caracal Lynx

Make Custom Personalized Christmas Ornaments -

Wordsearch Puzzles: Play interactively online or print from a PDF or save the word search puzzle to your computer to print later. These wordsearch puzzles are great for children to practivce speelling words as well as for teachers and home schoolers.

Screensavers of various big cats and various holidays.

Desktop Wallpapers of various big cats and various holidays.


**NEW** Flash Games: CLICK HERE

This section sports about fifty flash games, so far.  Many more are being added over the next several months.

Printable Memory Match Card Games --> CLICK HERE

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You Will Find A WHOLE BIG BUNCH of Holiday Games and Goodies:

Our holiday pages have MANY MORE GAMES & GOODIES FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!. More holidays are going to be added as the year goes by.

Print Free Coloring Pages CLICK HERE

This section will have many more coloring pages as we begin adding new ones and moving the ones from the main Big Cat Rescue website to this website as well.

Online & Download Jigsaw Puzzles

Computer Storybooks You Can Personalize:

Children's computer storybooks that your can personalize and print yourself. All of the children's computer storybooks stars your child and the big cats of Big Cat Rescue. Each storybook has big full color photographs of the cats at Big Cat Rescue.

  1. Meet Shere Khan The 800 Pound Tiger
  2. A Purr-Fect Valentine
  3. A Merry Cat

Halloween Tiger Dress-Up Game CLICK HERE


This is a Halloween tiger dress-up game.  It was made by Rainie from Billy Bear's Playground as a gift to Big Cat Rescue.  It is really a cute little game where you drag and drop halloween costumes onto a cartoon version of Shere Khan the tiger.  This cute little Halloween dress-up games plays totally self-contained in one very small file.  This is a free Halloween download for our website visitors.

Easter Games:

Halloween Boo Gram Game CLICK HERE to see more screen shots

Here is a cute little Halloween program to download and have some Halloween fun with your kids.  they can write a letter to the nice Boogey man and he will 'write back'.  the kiddos can play Halloween dressup, too.  There is even a Halloween coloring page for them to print.

Printable Big Cat Dominoes:

Printable Big Cat Tic-Tac-Toe Games: CLICK HERE

Customize Children's Classroom Exchange Valentines:

Bookmark Designers:

Copyright Notices: The little programs, the screensavers, the wallpapers, the downloads, the games, the printables etc are NOT freeware.  They are NOT public domain, NOT Creative Commons, NOT Shareware not any other re-distributable type item.  Everything on this website created by a Big Cat Rescue Advocat andare her personal creations and she holds the copyrights.  Everything here was made specifically to promote Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida and their mission.  You MAY use items from this website for personal use, school projects, church projects, personal gift giving, etc...  You may NOT sell them.  You may NOT post them on any website.  You may NOT include them in any collection etc.  You MAY give a copy of them to your personal friends and family. School teachers and PTA are encouraged to use these programs to reward and promote reading and learning among their students.  

NOTE: Teachers make re-produce anything on this site as needed for free use in their classrooms.